Mobile Betting Regulations Viewed in Las Vegas Casinos

During last Thursday, the 26th of January, the Nevada Gaming Commission had reviewed proposed rules for mobile betting devices use at casinos throughout Las Vegas's casinos.

If they would authorize the new law then gamblers would be able to place bets via mobile betting devices distributed by the casinos themselves. Major casinos in Las Vegas had already signed contracts with mobile betting operators to supply them with compatible network infrastructure, servers and mobile betting applications.

The new law states that the use of such mobile devices is authorized only in casinos' areas with 100 or more slot machines and at least one other gambling-game table or service, other areas of the casinos, such as hotel rooms, would not be authorized to support any mobile betting services or devices, mainly due to prevent cases of obsessive cases of problem gambling. This issue of excessive use of such devices had and other mobile betting hazards caused much anxiousness among legislators.

Commission Chairman Peter Bernhard stated after the first discussion on the subject of the new law the following: "Mobile betting devices are seen to be quite clear, and we've recognized that the structure can convene withthe requirements that they be made safe and sound and secure, set aside out of the hands of minor-players and used in the selected areas that the Legislature had defined".

During the 23rd of February the commission would assemble in Carson City and there the new regulations would be reviewed and carefully examined. If the commission would find the new mobile betting law appropriate then in 23rd of March the law would be fully approved in Las Vegas.

Mike Mendelson. Guest Editor - 30th of January, 2006