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Betting Racket Discovered in Mumbai and Chennai

On March 31, 2007, as part of their ongoing raid and crackdown regarding illegal betting, especially during big sporting events like the World Cup of Football and Cricket, investigators from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) headed by investigators, Parthanath Majumder and Arunava Mukherjee, raided a betting ring and arrested 3 betting suspects from different areas of the city.

Police officers have also confiscated a computer, cellular phones and other papers related to betting activities and mobile gambling. The suspects are connected to other betting rings that can be found in Mumbai and Chennai.

The 3 suspects, Anil Kumar Bagaria (aka Mithu), Pravin Kochar and Rajesh Bhojnagarwala, were apprehended by police officers in Sahabagan in Koikhali, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Rajarhaat Police Department in Golabari in Howrah and the Topsia Road, DIG-CID (operations), according to Rajiv Kumar. Officers from the CID have taken custody of Bagaria and Kochar for 7 days and 3 days respectively after they were presented at the Basarat Trial Court.

Bhojnagarwala was presented in the Alipore Trial Court and will remain in jail. An officer from the CID commented that the suspects are suspected of engaging in Hawala related activities. They are hoping to get more evidence of their activities after they have checked out the hard disk of the confiscated computer and the phone calls of the mobile phones.

Dip Goswami from the DSP-CID (Special Operations) commented that the Bagaria, considered a betting kingpin, was arrested Friday afternoon. The other people in his residence got away before the officers could get there.

Later the CID arrested Kochar, a new bookmaker, Bhijnagarwala and a betting client after talking to Bagaria. Officers also discovered some links to a well-established gambler in Dum Dum.

The bookmakers received about 1% in total commissions and about 2% for every wager.


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