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BetOptions Launches BetPOS Software

On June 29, 2007, BEToptions announced the debut of their BetPOS software which will be used for self-service kiosks, offering casino facilities, bookmakers, horse racing courses and other land-based gambling and betting operators for a brand new retail wagering interface.

The BetPOS software allows their customers to access their accounts with different payment options, such as credit cards or wager with cash from any location.

Self-service kiosks with customer interfaces together with help screens and informative video loops have also been well tested and proven to attract a younger customer base to sports, horse racing and wagering market, according to BEToptions.

The BetPOS also operates on normal and usual hardware platforms like touchscreen kiosks, aside from the accessibility via mobile products like laptop computers and mobile phones.

Betting from mobile phones and mobile gambling in general have become very popular among players nowadays because they can place their bets by just using their mobile phones even if they are in a different part of the world. It is also very convenient and affordable for the gambling customer.

The BetPOS player interface allows betting operators to customize the BetPOS software to suit their own needs and include multimedia options, like video feeds and advertisements.


09 2007