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Betfair Given Its 2nd Queens Award for Excellence in Enterprise

On April 28th, 2008, British-based mobile betting firm Betfair announced that they have received their 2nd Queen's Award for Enterprise in their eight year existence. The Betfair award is based in International Trade category, almost 5 years after Betfair was granted the award in the Innovation division for making the very first successful wagering exchange.

A brand new idea that will give customers the option to diversify their interest and protect the betting industry from unscrupulous groups and individuals. Since the year 2003, Betfair has improved from 100,000 customers, with about 8% of the customers of the company coming from Britain, to about one million customers, with about 40% of the customers coming from the abroad.

The recipients of the Queen's Awards are picked based on the recommendation of the British Prime Minister and an advisory group. Betfair joins a one-of-a kind group that has been recognized two times since the start of the awards since 1966. Since receiving their initial Queen's Award in 2003, Betfair employees has improved from two hundred employees to 1,200 employees this year.

The operations of the company grow and spread in Hammersmith, Stevenage, Malta and Australia. The company also uses top class technology to make their betting products for their customers. The company has also a credible gaming portfolio like Betfair Poker, Games and Casino. They are currently developing their very own Betfair Mobile gaming product.


07 2008