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You Bet's United Tote Presents Mobile Betting Solution

On December 13th, 2007, online horse wagering site YouBet has publicly announced that their United Tote subsidiary has signed an agreement with Phantom Fiber Corporation to make a mobile phone betting solution. It is fully integrated with the totalizator systems that are being utilized by United Tote gamblers and was shown for the very first time at last week's Symposium on Racing and Gambling held in Tucson, Arizona, under the University of Arizona's Race Track and Industry program.

United Tote commented that their mobile betting service, which can be given on a wide array of mobile phones, will allow players to check race programs, place bets, manage accounts and view previous transactions. The brand new mobile service will be accessible by next year and work hand-in-hand with United Tote's portfolio of pari-mutuel betting like their EnterBet gambling software.

Bets through the brand new mobile players will be combined with the tote systems and under jurisdictional review. Jeff True, the President of Union Tote said that the partnership with Phantom Fiber will help the strategic endeavors of YouBet, which is to give on-demand pari-mutuel betting that uses modern tools to connect with different customers.

Jeff Halloran, the Chairman and Chief Executive of Phantom Fiber said that this collaboration will greatly help them with the validation of their mobile network. He added that by taking advantage of the technical expertise of Phantom Fiber, they are expecting to set the bar for mobile delivery in horse racing.


23 2007