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Bartlett Says that Mobile Gaming Growth is Inevitable

On January 24th, 2008, wagering through cellular phones has been pretty ordinary so far but a mix of three vital factors means that these segments of the market is now about to take off. Warwick Bartlett, the main partner of Global Betting and Gambling Consultants or GBGC in his initial presentation to the M for Mobile Conference in London on January 22nd, 2008 commented that the three factors was a good opportunity for the mobile gambling organizations. He mentioned better and more sophisticated mobile phones and the one-of-a kind iphone as being more useful and high-tech which will help ease mobile gambling applications.

The usual online and live businesses have now peaked considerably and gaming companies are now looking for new ways to develop brand new products for consumers. Betting organizations like Ladbrokes, William Hill and Bet 365 are investing heavily in mobile betting and they are willing to spend a lot of cash in order to develop the mobile sector of gaming. Software providers have also listened to their patrons and responded favorably by making products that are more player friendly.

Bartlett said that market will improved by 26% CAGR up to 2012 with the Asian continent providing the 67% growth of the market, Britain will account for the 11% growth with the European continent providing the 22% growth. But Bartlett said that with the growth of mobile gaming Europe, social responsibility must be also carefully developed. The industry must remember that majority of the mobile users are minors and they must develop ways on how to tighten security with their products so that minors cannot access it.


03 2008