Mobile Betting

Mobile Gambling Addiction Signs

Mobile gambling is a recreational activity, a pleasant way for people to spend a small portion of their monthly salary. Spending a night at a casino is no different than going out to watch movie or to see a good show on TV, everyone has his favorite way of enjoying life, but for some people the experience of gambling becomes a devastating habit that suck the life out of him.

Problem gambling is the dark side of the mobile gambling industry and recent studies show that 1.3% of all North American had an addiction for gambling once in their life. There are researchers that claim that the numbers are even higher, since there are a lot of mobile-gambling addicts who do not even notice their condition, therefore they do not seek help and they are not taken into consideration in these researches. This is a dreadful figure which shows that even though there are a lot of programs for problem gabling, it is simply not enough.

The main stage in helping people who suffer from problem gambling is to make them be aware of their problem. The following list is a list of questions; if you answer more than four of them you should seek counseling:

  • Do you get a feeling of "high" when you gamble?
  • Do you spend less time with your family and friends and more in gambling activities?
  • Do you feel your performances at work are in a steady decline?
  • Have you ever lost money to the point you couldn't afford to pay for a meal?
  • Have you lied about your monitorial status to friends and family?
  • Do you use any narcotic material in order to forget about drinking?

If you answered "yes" to more than four of the above questions then you are in need for counseling.

Mike Lories, Gambling Counselor, 20/12/05