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Aces Royal Roulette Now Available on Mobile Phones

As of July 10, 2007, Aces Royal has widened their casino games offering their players the opportunity to play for cash using their mobile phones. Players can now try their luck in blackjack, poker and roulette.

Players can start at a 10p per wager, so it could be considered harmless entertainment. Aces Royal Roulette will benefit from the fastest and state of the art mobile gambling platform, AR3.

Researched and developed by Aces Royal, the AR3 gaming platform delivers wagers in 0.2 seconds. The new roulette game by Aces Royal is also especially made for cellular phones to allow players to see the entire roulette area without having to use the scroll feature of a mobile phone.

Aces Royal Roulette also showcases in built mobile compatibility with most mobile phones, the no double zero on the wheel and table limits at 10 pence each round.

The CEO of Aces Royal, Peter Karsten, said that the roulette wheel can usually be found in a land based casino, but with the launch of the game on mobile phones, players from all over the country can now play casino games no matter where they are.


06 2007