3G mobile betting applications

The current status of mobile betting application is not at its peak, and most third generation cellular phones do not support mobile commerce options, which leaves gamblers with many casino games but without the real thrill of betting. Though betting services are available they are too slow, scarcely found, run in unsecured channels of communication and simply they do not offer a real experience.

The most common use for mobile phones in the domain of gambling is to place bets by calling bookmakers, and it is not enough for the average gambler. But as they say, the need is the father of invention, and when it comes to billions of dollars the "need" is huge.

The current market for mobile betting is rising fast, and it is estimated to reach a market value of 16 billion dollars by the year 2008 with millions of users in the US, Europe and in the Asia-Pacific region. A commercial force of such enormous weight is what now drives many companies to develop 3G applications which will satisfy the average gamblers. Without the mobile market 3G applications would not achieve such accomplishments so fast, therefore any progress obtained in this field can be credited to world wide gamblers.

Hi-Tech companies are one step before releasing their commercial versions of 3G casinos' games, like mobile roulette or poker, and in the near future users would have a genuine opportunity to gain money while playing, just like in real casinos. New charging methods would be put to use, in order to achieve fast connection and secure monetary transactions, and the graphic designs of the games would be as sophisticated as possible. In less then a year these new 3G gambling applications would break current mobile gambling market, leaving few gamblers unhappy.

Mike Mendelson. Guest Editor - 24th of November, 2005