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27 Suspects Were Arrested Due to Illegal Betting Activities in Tardeo and Chembur

On March 17, 2007, 27 suspects, including some bookmakers were arrested by police officers because they allegedly illegally bet on the ongoing World Cup Cricket Match between India and Sri Lanka.

The suspects were arrested during 2 separate surprise raids done by the Enforcement Branch of the Department during the early hours of Saturday. The Deputy Commissioner of the Police Enforcement Department, Sanjay Mohite, said that they raided the club and apartment in Tardeo and Chembur while the betting took place.

They confiscated around Rs 1 lakh from the suspects. The police officers also confiscated telephones and mobile phones during the raid. Police officers have been vigilant in their surveillance of suspected illegal betting rings due to its rampant spread in the country in the past months, especially during big sporting matches.

Mobile phones are a popular gambling tool because the bookmaker and the bettor do not need to meet face to face. They participate in mobile gambling by communicating with each other using their mobile phones, especially during important sporting matches, like the World Cup of Football and Cricket. The 27 suspects that have been arrested will be presented in the local court on Saturday.


Monday, April 02, 2007