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Mobile Betting Enters The Fifa World Cup Games

As the 2006 Fifa world cup approaches and sweeps billions of fans from all over the world, the enthusiasm hasn't skipped the mobile betting industry.

A recent study published by Visiongain found that during the whole duration of the world cup of soccer will generate $6.35 billion in revenues of mobile operators. This figure is only a portion of the sum the total mobile betting industry will benefit from the tournament, and it is still a substantial figure that previously was achieved after a much larger timeframe than a month.

The upcoming world cup is expected to be the event that brings the largest mobile betting traffic the world has ever seen. This will grant a huge leap for mobile betting technology because of the large gambling options available in the tournament.

World cup mobile betting and gaming will be the second largest profiting venue in the cellular industry, right after text-based services and downloads. This year's world cup introduces a new approach for mobile betting, with the gambling being integrated into the downloadable game clips and videos.

This will provide gamers will a richer experience of mobile betting that has not been available with other gambling methods until today. Gamblers will have the options of real-time betting on currently running games, video stream from various parts of the game, and other new features on 3G phones.

World cup mobile gamblers are advised to be cautious when making the bets on the games, because of the introduction of new viruses. A version of the Sober-P e-mail worm has recently been sent to world cup ticket holders posing as a password confirmation communication from the World Cup website.

Analysts say the phenomenon can hit the mobile betting for the world cup as well. Bettors should use official mobile betting sites for their bet placement.

Richard Thompson - Managing Editor